• Agency Višnjica manages the site VIŠNJICA ! This venue is situated at very famous lookout point,  the steep rock peak that offers one of the most stunning views to the Old City Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands .  Višnjica is an integral part of Park Orsula and it is suitable for organizing all kinds of events, concerts and meetings.
  • Our project Explore Bosnia from Dubrovnik, is intended for all Dubrovnik’s visitors, to help them to approach the nearby continental hinterland of Dubrovnik, the beauty and wonders of nature that abounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Enduro tours and rentals project is our ultimate passion. Trial and enduro motorcycles allow us access to every corner of Dubrovnik area and direct contact with nature and history. With the motorcycles, in addition to local, we discover also natural expanses of nearby Bosnia. We own a few Yamaha motorcycle in our property that we offer as a rental or guided tours.
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