Biking in Bosnia

Description: The trail starts at Tjentište at the Info Center, offering bikes for rental. The trail leads through Milin Klade to Hrčavka canyon. This section is 12 km long. The trail travels for further 6 km to Donje Bare Lake (1450 mamsl). This biking route includes return to Hrčavka Canyon and continues further for 13 km to Dobri Dol at 1440 mamsl. The trail between Dobri Dol and Ljubin Grob (1600 mamsl) is 4 km long. The road leads further through Crno and Bijelo Lakes to Stari Katun. This section is 3 km long. Stari katun (1600 mamsl) is still in use and an attractive resting location, showcasing a part of ethnographic heritage of this mountain area. Each summer cattle breeders from Herzegovina live in the katun area, while their cattle graze the grasslands of Zelengora. Visitors can purchase dairy products in this katun. The trail continues further to Zavidež katun (1500 mamsl). It is 4 km long. The trail leads further down to Džafer Potok and merges with the gravel road Kalinovik – Zelengora. Zavidež – Džafer Potok section is 2 km long. The final section of the trail leads to Orlovačko Lake (1500 mamsl) and is about 4 km long. Hunter’s lodge and a campground can be found at Orlovačko Lake.

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