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Knowledge of Bosnia and especially our love for Sutjeska National Park, which is the most beautiful nature reserve in the wider region and is only two hours drive from Dubrovnik, led us to begin developing interesting arrangements for all visitors of Dubrovnik. We thought that would be a certain number of people who visited Dubrovnik who would be happy to feel the magic of Bosnia, which is not even 2 km away from Dubrovnik. Scroll down through many options that we offer and please find what suits you. It is possible to organize a half-day, full-day and multi-day packages.

We will preciously discuss your possible trip with you individually, in accordance with your wishes and possibilities.

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PRICE (in kunas) 745,00 kn
PRICE (in €) 98 €
EXCURSION DURATION (in hours) 14 h
INTRODUCTION Rafting on rivers Tara & Drina!
EXCURSION DESCRIPTION Arrival at the camp is at 11:00 in the morning, when the start of preparation for departure on the descent. You take your rafting equipment and we head to Brstanovica, our starting point of rafting. Then starts the most exciting part of the rafting through canyon, a distance of about 15km of Tara, and rafting on Drina to the camp, approximately 5km. During the rafting we make a few breaks for swimming, taking photos and visiting some of the nearby attractions. After the adrenalin fun on a river, rafting tour ends at the camp “TARA-RAFT”, from where we started the adventure. At the restaurant awaits you a warm lunch that will in the best possible way complement your daily enjoyment. You will be served with specialties under the iron pan (lamb or veal), various kinds of steaks and chops of veal, chicken or pork, with ubiquitous rafter soup, with addition to salads. You can also choose between few vegetarian and vegan dishes.


·       River Tara stream is as long as 144km

·       Tara goes by the name “Tear of Europe” due to its purity

·       River’s canyon is 1300m deep, which makes it the greatest canyon in Europe

·       Since 1977, Tara canyon is under the protection of UNESCO



adventure X
nature X
INCLUDED Transfer, professional guide, lunch, rafting gear, water

(e.g. visa, footwear, …)

Flat shoes, hat, sunscreen
ITINERARY Departure from Dubrovnik according to the plan;

06:45 departure from Dubrovnik

07:45 arrival to Mosko,short break

10:00 arrival to Tjentište

11:00 arrival at Rafting camp

11:30 rafting on rivers Tara and Drina

16:00 lunch at camp

17:15 departure from the camp towards Dubrovnik

20:15 arrival at Mosko, short break

21:30 arrival to Dubrovnik

* Itinerary may be subject to change due to weather and other factors




(2 or 3 nights) in the mountain hut on the Zelengora at 1400m, NATONAL PARK SUTJESKA

Transport with off-road vehicles from the “TJENTIŠTE” to the hut and back
Hikking/trekking tour per day
Services of mountain guide during the stay
*Food (optional)
All taxes, fees and insurance

Capacity of hut is 18 beds! There are two rooms with four beds and two apartments with four and six beds. The ground floor of the hut is a central living room with a huge open fireplace in the middle of the room. There are also per-equipped kitchen and a terrace with a bar. The whole building was built in the mountain style with a few adaptations, such as the hot water, which will make your staying more pleasant and enjoyable.


Driving distance from Dubrovnik: 30 km in one direction.

Trebinje is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It boasts to have 260 sunny days per year. With its mild Mediterranean climate, the crystal-clear Trebišnjica River, and unique architecture, it ranks among the most beautiful towns in Bosnia. Trebinje is located under Leotar Mountain, 28 kilometers from the famous city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s influence – its architects were very involved in its construction – is felt and seen throughout town.

Trebinje has a rich history. It was first mentioned in the 10th century under the name of Tribunia. In the middle ages, during the Byzantine era, Trebinje’s development began. Most of the city, though, was constructed during the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian period. Mehmed Paša Sokolović built the beautiful Arslanagića Bridge in 16th century. Today this bridge is a candidate for UNESCO’s list of protected monuments. With the arrival of the Austro-Hungarians in 1877, many government buildings, hospitals, and schools were built. The old Austrian military barracks in the Old Town serve as the Museum of Herzegovina. Sitting high above the city, Crkvina Hill has a new Orthodox church with some of the best views of Trebinje.

One of the most charming market places in all of BiH is Trebinje’s central square. Every Saturday the square is packed with local vendors from the surrounding area selling the finest domestic cheeses, wines, spirits, fruits and veggies. Superb quality honey production has become a trademark of the Trebinje region as well. Not far from there is the main park, dedicated to Jovan Ducic. It is urban Trebinje’s largest green space and is dotted with various monuments of the town’s famous people and events. A tribute to Trebinje’s rich cultural heritage, the town centre boasts an Orthodox cathedral, Franciscan church and a mosque.


Arslanagića Most/Perovića Most (Bridge) is a Trebinje landmark:

The bridge was built in 1537, by the order of Grand Vizier Mehmed Paša Sokolović, who also built the famous bridge in Višegrad.

Hercegovačka Gračanica:

located on the Crkvina Hill behind the town center, this Orthodox Church was built as a copy of the Gracanica from Kosovo as requested by Trebinje’s famous writer Jovan Ducic. There is a small souvenir shop and a large open plateau for pleasant walks and excellent photographing opportunities of Trebinje’s panorama.

Herzegovina Museum:

Address: Stari Grad 59;
Opening Hours:  7am-2pm Mon-day-Friday; 9am-2pm Saturday-Sunday.

The Herzegovina Museum is located in the old Austrian military compound..Visitors can see an archeological collection with pre-historic artifacts, an ethnographic collection from 16th century, and numerous paintings and sculptures from the best-known regional artists.

Tvrdoš Ortodox Monastery and wine cellar:

The 14th century Tvrdoš Orthodox Monastery is located on Tvrdoš Hill, four kilometers from Trebinje. It is built on the foundations of the old medieval church. Today, Tvrdoš is the Episcopal residency and it is known for the excellent red wine produced by its monks.

Vukoje Wine Cellar:

Address: Hrupjela 28
Opening Hours:  9am-6pm Monday-Saturday;  9am-2pm Sunday.

Vukoje is amongst the most acclaimed wine producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have won countless international awards for both their light and fruity Zilavka white and robust Vranac red wines. The cellar is open to visitors and can seat up to 60 guests. The Vukoje family also own and operate Vukoje 1982 restaurant near the cellar.

Anđelić Wine Cellar
Address: Gorica bb.

In the the Anđelić family cellar, there are six kinds of white, red, and rosé. They have wine tasting facilities on the premises.


Transfer distance from Dubrovnik: 30 km in one direction.



Adventure – canoe safari on the Trebisnjica river
The descent1 is approximately 5 kilometres long and lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. It passes 5 bridges and 4 rapids. The descent itself is moderately difficult and can be undertaken by people with little or no prior experience. Transportation, life jacket and insurance ensured.
Canoe capacity is two persons plus additional equipment.
Safari minimum: 2 persons
Guide and canoe rental optional.

 The descent 2 starting from the dam Trebinje 1 and it ends, 10 km away down the river next to dam Trebinje 2. The descent goes trough untouched nature of lake Gorica. For this descent, it takes around 3 hours.


Biking in Bosnia

Description: The trail starts at Tjentište at the Info Center, offering bikes for rental. The trail leads through Milin Klade to Hrčavka canyon. This section is 12 km long. The trail travels for further 6 km to Donje Bare Lake (1450 mamsl). This biking route includes return to Hrčavka Canyon and continues further for 13 km to Dobri Dol at 1440 mamsl. The trail between Dobri Dol and Ljubin Grob (1600 mamsl) is 4 km long. The road leads further through Crno and Bijelo Lakes to Stari Katun. This section is 3 km long. Stari katun (1600 mamsl) is still in use and an attractive resting location, showcasing a part of ethnographic heritage of this mountain area. Each summer cattle breeders from Herzegovina live in the katun area, while their cattle graze the grasslands of Zelengora. Visitors can purchase dairy products in this katun. The trail continues further to Zavidež katun (1500 mamsl). It is 4 km long. The trail leads further down to Džafer Potok and merges with the gravel road Kalinovik – Zelengora. Zavidež – Džafer Potok section is 2 km long. The final section of the trail leads to Orlovačko Lake (1500 mamsl) and is about 4 km long. Hunter’s lodge and a campground can be found at Orlovačko Lake.


Trail I: Prijevor – Trnovačko Lake

(The trail is 4 km long. It can be crossed in 90 minutes at average walking speed without resting periods. It is rated as an easy trail. It requires caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear. Prijevor can be reached by car from Tjentište. The distance is 20 km.)

Description: The trail starts at the foot of Maglić in Prijevor at 1668 mamsl. The trail leads through Jelove Dole and Suva Jezerina to the destination – Trnovačko Lake at 1513 mamsl, a meeting point favored by mountaineers and nature enthusiasts. Trnovačko Lake is on the territory of Montenegro. A section of the trail (from Jelove Dole to Suva Jezerina) is a border point between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Trail II: Suha – Trnovačko Lake

(The trail is 14 km long. It can be crossed in 4 hours at average walking speed without resting periods. It is rated as an easy trail. It requires caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear.)

Description: the trail starts at Suha resting place. The trail leads through Suški Potok to Suva Jezerina (1357 mamsl). This section is 11 km long. It then merges with the trail leading from Prijevor to Trnovačko Lake. The distance between Suva Jezerina to Trnovačko Lake is 2 km.

Trail VI: Prijevor – Maglić

(The trail is 2 km long. It can be crossed in 3 hours at average walking speed without resting periods. It is rated as a difficult mountaineering trail. The climb requires additional mountaineering equipment – a helmet, harness, crampons and ice axe. Prijevor can be reached by car from Tjentište. The distance is 20 km.)

Description: The trail starts at the spring in Prijevor (the foot of Maglić, 1668 mamsl) and ends at the highest peak in BiH – Maglić at 2386 mamsl. The trail is difficult, steep, of mountaineering type. While climbing, mountaineers will be in direct contact with the mountain pine stand (Pinus mugo) and the ecosystem of screes and cracked rocks.

Trail VIII: Prijevor – Suha

(The trail is 6 km long. It can be crossed in around 2 hours at average walking speed without resting periods. It is rated as an easy trail. The lower section of the trail requires caution, physical fitness and adequate footwear. Prijevor can be reached by car from Tjentište. The distance is 20 km.)

Description: the trail starts at Prijevor, at an elevation of 1668 mamsl. The trail leads through Makaze, down to Siljevac elevation at 1491 mamsl, and further down to Tunjimir at 1280 mamsl. This section of the trail is 3 km long and follows the edge of Perućica. The road continues down Suški Potok to the resting place Suha. This section of the trail is 3 km long. There is a resting place at Suha.

Trnovačko Lake is also known as Volujačko Lake, as it is located in Volujak – Maglić mountain range. The lake is on the territory of Montenegro.

Trail III: Donje Bare – Borić overlook

(The trail is 2 km long and it can be crossed in 40 minutes at an average walking speed without rest periods. The trail is rated as an easy trail.)

Description: The trail is 2 km long. It starts from the Donje Bare Lake (1,450 mamsl) and leads through pastures to the scenic Borić overlook (1,475 mamsl). The Borić overlook offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges Maglić, Volujak, Bioč, Sniježnica, the primeval forest Perućica, the Vratar canyon, Sutjeska, Stolac (black pine stand) and the old caravan road Via Ragusa.

Trail IV: Kovačev panj 620 mamsl – Donje Bare – Gornje Bare – Uglješin peak – Bregoč 2,014 mamsl – Orlovačko Lake 1,438 mamsl

(The trail is 21 km long and it can be crossed in 6 hours at an average walking speed without rest periods. The trail is rated as an easy trail. It requires caution, physical fitness and appropriate footwear.)

Description: The trail takes a sharp turn from the highway M-18 (Kovačev panj) and continues towards Stolac for about 3-4 km. This section of the trail is steep with a black pine forest stand dominating the natural area of Stolac at an elevation of 1,250 mamsl. The trail stretches further for about 3 km until it reaches the Donje Bare Lake where there is a resting place and a hunters’ lodge. This section of the trail can be described as easy. The lake is situated at an elevation of 1,450 mamsl. From there starts a mild 3 km climb towards the Gornje Bare Lake (1,640 mamsl). The next section of the trail leads to the Uglješin peak (1,859 mamsl), which is the most difficult climb along the trail, and further up to the tallest peak of the Zelengora Mountain, Bregoč (2,014 mamsl), from where it descends towards the Orlovačko Lake at an elevation of 1,438 mamsl. A hunters’ lodge and a camping area are situated here.



Driving distance from Dubrovnik: 30 km in one direction.

Paragliding tandem flights

-Paragliding training(international certification
-Paragliding excursion
–Renting and equipment sales
-Photo shooting

Experience an unforgettable adventure of flying in tandem paraglider with our experienced pilots and instructors .The flight lasts 30 minutes over the city and it ends landing on the river Trebisnjica.
Also, in our international paragliding school called ,,WINGS OF SOUTH’’ , you can start an education for becoming an independent paragliding pilot with the international license.


Driving distance from Dubrovnik: 30 km in one direction.

ATV SAFARI through Bosnia

Included: ATV-Quad vechile for 2 persons, fuel, safari guide, equipment: helmet, gloves, rain suit. Active pause: Competition shooting target from army slingshot.

Capacity: 6 persons max.

Safari rute prolaze kroz divlju, dobro očuvanu prirodu kuda su nekada prolazili karavanski i nomadski putevi. Na safari-u je moguće vidjeti nekropole stećaka, uživati u posmatranju prirode, stada koza i ovaca…

Ovaj safari može biti lokalni (10-20 km vožnje) u trajanju od 1-2 sata, a i duži, po dogovoru.. može čak biti i  višednevni (180-300 km) uz spavanje u šatorima (vreća za spavanje, dušek), terensko pripremanje hrane, … U cijenu je uključeno: kvad za dvoje, gorivo, safari vodič, zaštitna oprema, lagani piknik kod naše kolibe (sir, pršut, kava, rakija …), 0,5 l vode,

aktivna pauza: gađanje mete iz army praćke.

Maksimalan kapacitet je: 3 kvada po dvije osobe ukupno 6 osoba

Minimalni kapacitet nije određen. Prihvaćamo i ako dođe samo jedna osoba. Safari vodič je obavezan a cijena se određuje prema broju učesnika.