1. Where is Višnjica located?

Simplest put- take a look at googlemaps link:. but in a more poetic way- it is located in a place to give you the most beautiful, postcard view of Dubrovnik’s old town, amidst olive trees and small forests, right next to Park Orsula. This venue is situated at very famous lookout point,  the steep rock peak that offers one of the most stunning views to the Old City Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands .  Višnjica is an integral part of Park Orsula and it is suitable for organizing all kinds of events, concerts and meetings.

2. Is there parking on spot?

Yes, there is parking for up to 20 cars and for catering trucks too.

3. What is capacity of Visnjica?

Cocktail style 300 people and banquet style 200 people. Marquis which is used as a backup will provide the same capacity.

4. How long can music play outside?

By law until 11:30pm, however at lower volume, until 1am.

5. Is there a backup in case of bad weather?

Absolutely- we provide an option of hiring a tent / marquis for your event (sqm 120 – 360). You can ask for the tent/marquis to be set up even if the weather is not so bad. Please contact us for more information.

6. When do I need to decide for the marquis?

Minimum 36 hours prior to the event start.

7. Can I rent the venue for both wedding ceremony and wedding dinner - ie is there enough space?

Absolutely! As long as your numbers don’t exceed 150 people.

9. How do we book Visnjica?

By emailing us at info@visnjicadubrovnik.com or speaking to your DMC or planner to send your our terms and conditions.

10. Is there sufficient lighting on the venue for events?

No, there is not but we have a lighting company inside our logistical operations – please feel free to ask for a detailed offer.

11. Is this place a restaurant?

No, it is not, even better – it’s an empty canvas waiting for your tailor made Dubrovnik event to happen!

12. Is flooring there constantly?

Flooring can be installed per request (sqm 120 – 360). Please contact us for more information.